Your special day is here!

Now what?! 

You and your future spouse are going to have a unique timeline for your wedding, but we will be there to photograph your big day in whatever way fits you best. We're here to capture every moment along the way. Sonacity Productions specializes in photographing a wide variety of weddings, ranging from traditional weddings, to LGBT weddings, and even themed weddings!

The following is a basic timeline of how a typical wedding day may progress.

Getting Ready: 

During this time, we photograph both parties getting ready. We’ll snap beautiful images for you and your family and capture the excitement of getting ready. While everyone is dressed to the nines and putting on cufflinks or diamond earrings as a final touch, we will be busy getting pictures of these amazing moments. Each party has different pre-wedding rituals and we look forward to capturing your one-of-a-kind experience.

First Look:

The first look at your future husband or wife is a magical one. It's an intimate occasion that we will make sure you two will remember forever. We recommend this option to all of our brides and all of our grooms!


While you’re saying your “I do’s” we make sure we don’t miss a thing, from the officiant pronouncing you lawfully wedded to the happiest tears you’ve ever shed when you exchange your wedding bands. Everyone is there to share in your bliss, and we are there to make sure that we photograph every moment.

Portrait Session:

Congratulations! You're married! At this time, we will gather your wedding party. While everyone is still together we will get every portrait imaginable of your closest family and friends. Your portrait session falls at the same time as cocktail hour. If you choose the multiple photographer option, we will get pictures of everyone sipping on their drinks and conversing with friends and family in dazzling suits and gowns.


It's party time! Everyone is ready to eat, drink, and dance the night away. We'll photograph each couple from the party when they make their way into the reception area. We will make sure your first dance is one to remember. Don’t worry about the toasts, cake, and dancing-- we’ve got you covered. If you have any special photo requests, please let us know.

The Grand Exit:

While everyone watches you and your newlywed for the last time of the night, we capture the excitement that will follow you for the rest of your marriage. We will get photographs of every smiling face!

Pro-tip: Sparklers, bubbles, or colored smoke make for excellent exits and exit pictures.

You just had an awesome wedding! It is now time for us to go into our editing bat-cave. After all the images have been edited, you will receive an online gallery and and a design for your wedding album. Once you give the "Okay" we will send it to our high quality lab for printing. We're so excited for you to receive your images and to have been able to share this momentous event with you. Sonacity Productions is here for any photography you may need in the future!