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Top 4 engagement session locations

Engagement session are truly amazing and one of my favorite kinds of sessions to photograph. Take a break from your average selfie and let a professional do the work. This is a time where you get to let your hair down, get dressed up, and have fun with your best friend. No need to worry about what to wear or how to pose, we’ll help with that along the way.

These sessions are the best way for you to get comfortable in front of the camera and have fun while doing so. You’ll laugh, dance, twirl, and get some amazing photographs of you and your soon to be husband/wife.

Leu Gardens - This location is one of the places in the world where I don’t mind getting lost. This venue is filled with the most beautiful flowers and greenery you can enjoy in Central Florida. From events, to weddings, to engagement sessions, I always love photographing here!

Leu Gardens Engagement Photo

Leu Gardens Engagement Photo

Downtown Orlando - How cool do they look!? There are so many ways you can light your subjects in the downtown area. So many different varying mini locations in this one large location! I love it! I was stoked when this couple opted for a downtown location because the the options for creativity are endless. For this image, I wanted to use a garage to have a dark background and be able to light my couple well. I told him to put on the glasses and she looked at him in the most amazing way.

Downtown Orlando Engagement Photo

Downtown Orlando Engagement Photo

Kraft Azalea Park - This venue is one of the most unique in Central Florida. A magnificent place for a proposal as you can see. The doric pillars give the image an epic kind of feel to it and I think they’re more Roman than Greek, but who am I to know that. I love how the soft light hits our couple here and plays with the motion of the trees in the background. It all comes together to make a beautiful image.

Kraft Azalea Proposal

Kraft Azalea Proposal

Dickson Azalea / Langford Park - One reason I really love this location is because I can walk to it from my house :P Aside from that, the park always has great lighting so whether you’re having an engagement session or a family session, the photos will be beautiful! In Langford, there is a really cool boardwalk area that is the perfect spot for portraits!

Dixon Azalea Family Session

Dixon Azalea Family Session

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is your preferred style?

  • Bold. Fun. Classic

How many weddings have you photographed in your career?

  • I love weddings so I try to photograph as many as possible. I would say around 100 and always looking forward to photographing the next one. Know anyone that’s engaged? ;)

How many weddings will you photograph on my wedding day?

  • Each wedding will have its own primary lead photographer. That way they will be able to focus on your big day!

Have you ever shot at my venue?

  • If I have not photographed a wedding at your venue, I will meet with the staff and do a walk through beforehand.

Do you bring your own lighting?

  • Absolutely! We work with natural light for most of the day because it’s beautiful but when the time calls for it, or we’re getting creative, we use a variety of different lighting setups depending on what or who is being photographed.

Do you work from a shot list?

  • At the beginning of my career I used a printed out shot list but we know the layout of the wedding day and what needs to be photographed.

Can I request certain images are taken at my wedding?

  • Absolutely, I know Pinterest has some intriguing photos on it. If you do see something you like, let us know. I do like to say that the more epic images take time to create so keep that in mind when working on your timeline.

How many hours are included in my collection?

  • We offer 3 collections. 10 hours, 8 hours, and 6 hours. If you’re having a smaller or larger gathering, give us a call and we can create a custom quote for you.

How much does an additional hour of coverage cost?

  • Each additional hour is $299 for main photographer. For the second shooter, it’s $149.

Do you bring a second shooter?

  • The top 2 collections come with a second shooter. I always recommend having a second shooter because you get different angles, another creative thinking process, and a lot more images.

How many images can I expect to see from my wedding?

  • Each wedding is unique and different in its own way. We can’t tell you exactly how many images you’ll receive day of. Some of the variables include how many hours you book us for, if you get a second shooter, etc.

Do you have a limit to the number of images you edit?

  • Nope, We just delivered a gallery to an awesome couple with 900 images from a 6 hour wedding!

How long does it take to see proofs from my wedding?

  • We ask for 6 weeks to go through and edit your images to perfection.

Do I receive a disc of images, or do I order the prints through you?

  • You will receive a link from us that will allow you to download the images from your gallery.

How much are the prints?

  • Pricing for prints vary, especially with what we can print on nowadays. You do receive a print credit towards an album or wall art and we would be happy to help you find something special for your wall!

Is an album included?

  • Albums are not included but you do receive a specified print credit amount that goes towards the purchase of an album or wall art!

Will you use my images in advertising?

  • We do reserve the right to use the wedding day images in our advertising but if you don’t feel comfortable with that, please let us know!

Will you request the photography guidelines from the ceremony and reception locations?

  • Most venues are good with us having a certain amount of freedom to photograph what we need but we do talk with the coordinators to see if there are any restrictions. We know that churches and more religious venues don’t like us using flash so we absolutely respect that.

What will you and your second shooter wear?

  • Depending on the weather and venue, normally a button down and nice slacks in all black.

What is your plan if you are ill or there is an emergency and you can't photograph my wedding?

  • We will appoint another professional photographer whom of which we have full trust in, to take over the Lead photographic role at your wedding.

How much is the retainer?

  • There is a $500 retainer due at the contract signing. We accept Cash, Online payments, and Checks.

When is the balance due?

  • A second payment is due 90 (Ninety) days prior to the date of the wedding date. The final payment is due 30 (Thirty) days prior to the date of the wedding date. The Photographer, or their associates, are not officially booked as your wedding photographer until the retainer is paid, and this contract is signed. 

What is your cancellation policy?

  • If the Client cancels the Wedding or Photographer’s services 6 months, or more, prior to the wedding date, then any amounts paid by Client will be refunded, withholding the retainer, which is non-refundable. If the Client cancels the wedding or Photographer’s services 6 months or less prior to the date of the wedding, the amount paid is non-refundable, as the Photographer has forgone other means of employment or services to other potential clients. If the Client has rescheduled their wedding date and the Photographer is not available, and the Client has chosen to not proceed with a Sonacity Associate Photographer, any amounts paid by Client will be refunded, withholding the retainer, which is non-refundable. 


Building on 2017

2017 was quite a year. We've seen many changes, triumphs, reached goals, empowerment, and much more. We've also seen a lot of failures. These failures don't have to be seen as a negative. Use these failures to grow, learn, and be better at your craft, your relationships, or whatever it is you need to do. 

palm beach birth photographer

2017 brought new challenges and experiences. I witnessed and photographed my first birth! Seriously, an amazing experience! Absolutely beautiful and I'm honored to have been able to witness such a miracle. Congratulations to the Busa family <3

Tampa Wedding Photographer

2017 gave me the opportunity to photograph numerous weddings. I adore weddings and being able to photograph them and capture the joy and happiness is truly a blessing. 

2017, like every year, was a year of learning and growth. I started working with a good friend and fellow photographer, Andres. We've set up a team of talented individuals to work together on projects that will be brought to you throughout the year. 

2018. This will be a year of hustle, dedication, goals, work, play, excitement, learning, and drive. I'm thrilled to be working with such great people this coming year. I have amazing clients and friends that believe in me and that is enough to drive me to bring you the best, and it will only get better. 


Cheers to new relationships, building on established ones, accomplishing our goals, and to 2018.

What are some goals that you would like to accomplish this year? 

Orlando Event Photographer

Aww, I do Look Like That

Engagement and Couple Sessions

As a photographer, I am part of hundreds of groups on Facebook. I get to see beautiful photos of love and gorgeous places all day. It's a wonderful and fulfilling career, but I do see a lot of the same sessions. Engagement sessions are mostly the same. You either head to a beautiful location or stay at home and enjoy your session in the comfort of your own home. Now, don't get me wrong, I also love these because you get gorgeous images and it's fun! These two types of sessions are extremely popular but I always like switching things up a bit. 

Michelle and I came up with a cool theme to do for their session. This is the beginning.

Michelle and I came up with a cool theme to do for their session. This is the beginning.

Love &lt;3

Love <3

I posted on a forum asking who would be interested in a Family Session. Michelle responded and we sort of switched up the idea from a typical family session to this. The idea was to draw what your partner's face looks like when they are in that state of emotion. For the photo on the right, Michelle drew what Dan's face looks like when he is head over heels with her. The kissy face emoji, ladies and gentlemen. 

The heart eyes that Dan made...absolutely perfect.

The heart eyes that Dan made...absolutely perfect.

It was an absolutely Florida kind of day, which means that there was a ton of humidity and a light drizzle. That didn't stop these champs from doing an awesome job at their session. I mean c'mon, how cute!

Orlando Photographer | Couple's Session | Dog

Towards the end of the hour that we were there, we grabbed a special someone to get in front of the camera as well. Jax is awwweeesome and in the end, I definitely was able to get an awesome family photo <3

15 Things You Didn't Know About Me


Hey everyone! I hope you all are having an awesome day. I just wanted to post this About Me blog so you get a chance to know me a little better. For more about me, check out http://www.sonacityphotography.com/thephotog/. Without further adieu...Here's a list.

1. I never got a referral in school and only got detention once! I was bad, I just never got caught :P

2. I used to rap and produce music all the time. I even got the opportunity to open up for Afroman with my group "The Out Crowd"

3. I'm a classically trained pianist

About Me | London

4. I'm addicted to traveling, I've been to Puerto Rico, Israel, Mexico, Amsterdam, Switzerland, England, Vienna and can't wait to visit more places

5. My girlfriend and I have a pet hedgehog named Wanheda. I love her sooo much :D

6. Basketball is my favorite sport. Unfortunately, the Magic aren't doing so well

7. Whiskey is my drink of choice but I also enjoy craft beer

Lemus has an amazing style and there are always hidden meanings in his work

Lemus has an amazing style and there are always hidden meanings in his work

8. I'm addicted to collecting art (I love local artists). Check out Lemus https://www.facebook.com/germanlemusart/ 

9. Models that have hair ties on their wrist while photographing is a huge pet peeve (Don't worry, I'll let you know) | People driving 10mph under the speed limit in the left lane is also a huge pet peeve | I also despise pickles. lol

10. Penguins are my favorite animal 

11. Green was my favorite color growing up but now it's purple

12. My girlfriend is a trained opera singer and yes, I've recorded her for a rap/country song :)

13. I love themes...Bars, Parties, Weddings. In college, I would throw themed parties which actually resulted in a couple of people dating long term and soon they'll be getting married!!! :D

Me and my love getting our archery on for Valentine's Day

Me and my love getting our archery on for Valentine's Day

14. I teach myself a lot | I wish I knew more about astronomy

15. The people in my life mean everything to me


What are some of your favorite things to do? What music do you like? Let us know a little bit about you in the comment section below :)