Preparing For Your Session | Part 1 'The Client'

You're gonna look great! 

There are many different kinds of sessions that photographer's offer. The first thing you should do is understand what kind of session you are having, don't worry, most of the session names are pretty straight forward. This allows you to get into the right mindset and distinguish the different variables that set your session apart from the others. For example, if you are meeting with the photographer for an engagement session, you want to look beautiful and in love. A lot of the time, you won't be posing in an engagement session looking like you're about to go to a Halloween party. However, if that is how the two of you met, by all means, I think that would be an awesome session and I would love to photograph it! If you're preparing for an editorial session, you'll want to check out different magazines and I don't have to remind you how wonderful Pinterest for ideas. Just be aware that the photographer is also an artist, and while getting creative ideas, will most likely not want to copy the exact photo that you have. Here are some more words and pictures!

Whoops! :P

Whoops! :P


There is a laundry list of items you could think about to get ready for your session, but the best thing to do is keep it simple

1. Be you and be comfortable. Being yourselves will overall get you the best photos! The clothes that you wear should reflect your personalities and how you see yourselves :) They should also be clothes that you can move around in, play in, and work your body into different poses. Don't be boring like a plain white shirt with khakis, but venture to find your clothing spirit animal, just keep it in the same color family so it's not chaos.

Don't have one of those moments like when you look back at your high school yearbook and think "What was I doing!?" We've all been there. 


2. Now, I always carry certain props with me but that's because I feel they bring a certain energy to an image. It's like putting italics on a word :P 

Now, we don't know if the baby is a boy or girl yet so they chose Daphne and Myles as names

Now, we don't know if the baby is a boy or girl yet so they chose Daphne and Myles as names

I do ask my clients to bring items with them that they like. ^^^ Amber and Jimmy brought baby blocks to spell out their baby's name. #SoCute

3.  Most likely the photographer will have a great location set out for your already, but if you have a special place that you'd like your session to be, let them know! We love going to places that make you happy, it makes for better images!

4. Think about how you'd like to display the images you've taken! The products Sonacity Photography offers range from small prints, to albums, to large prints on metal! How big do you want that canvas of your family to be? Would you like to be able to see all the photos in an album? Remember, these moments become family heirlooms that will be treasured by your children and grandchildren. So be sure to make ridiculous faces and stick your tongue out at them. 

5. Trust your photographer :) -Thanks, Carlos Romero!

What are you thoughts? How do you get ready?

If you have any questions or feel I've left something out, feel free to contact me! The inquiry page is really close by :)

Should I choke you?

I absolutely love photographing couples that aren't serious so Roman and Megan were absolutely perfect. They are friends of Andres (photog friend) and agreed to help us practice our couple's sessions. We decided to meet at Rollins University, which is freakin' beautiful if you've never been there. Everything from the lighting, to the architecture, to the grass growing on the walls is gorgeous. However, I do wish there was more colors...Anywayyy, everyone was laughing the entire time. As photographers, Andres and I have been focusing more on lighting and balance to make our images pop and stand out more. How cute??!?! ----->


Once we got the ball rolling and started getting some great shots, the ideas started pouring in. It's not easy being an artist and seeing canvases everywhere. Each spot at Rollins could be another image but a wise man once said that a photographer should fall in love with the light, not the location. I learned that both Megan and Roman belong to The Jungle, which is a gym that has crossfit, a cage, teaches classes, and has grappling lessons (sorry if I butchered any of that). At one point in the session, I believe I heard Megan say "Should I choke you or do you want to choke me?" Now, I wasn't 100% sure what they were referring to, but it's part of their relationship and I loved the creativity. Roman and Megan just seemed so natural being in front of the camera.  We spent a good amount of time for the session and decided to get burgers at Burger-Fi. They now have a delicious grilled cheeseburger with grilled onions, oh man, I highly recommend it. I've been watching the Food Network so I could go into detail but you'll just have to try it yourself. 

Jessica + Arik Couple's session


I was talking to a friend and realized I didn't have very many couples/engagement sessions to show to potential brides. This had to be corrected as soon as possible and she directed me to Jessica and Arik. How adorbs are they!? We spoke about a meeting place and a good time and decided to head to Dickson Azalea Park, which is freaking stunning. The sun was bright as all hell but the shade in the park made it perfect. We dodged sunspots and got some great shots in. 

Before we even met up last Sunday, I had to direct the couple to the park because the GPS brought them to a random house. This happened to me too the first time I visited. It was for the Bohemian group photo shoot hosted by the great Silvafilm Photography. Ok...ADD. Sorry, back to the post.

They arrived and we began. We made our way through the park, laughing, posing, and enjoying the day. I loved the fact that when we got to a part of the park that was semi blocked off...the last photo happened. They were real troopers and decided to go along with some of my shenanigans. These two are such a great fit and I'm glad I was able to capture that. Thanks Jess and Arik for letting me get these moments.

Arik says he's an awkward individual but I think that's what makes him endearing and why Jessica loves him so much...which totally shows in the photos.