The queen and her king

Tran + Umair

Venue: Costa De Este | Vero Beach

These two are a perfect blend of fun and power, kind of like the Obamas. During the portrait session, Umair was calling himself the king but fellas, we all know who runs the relationship ;) Tran, of course looked beautiful in her wedding dress and the day could not have been more perfect. The green surrounding the venue along with it's white walls made for such elegant images. The colors of the sky, matched with the water, are vibrant and achieves a calming affect. You could tell that these two were smitten with each other, laughing and smiling the throughout the session. 

I hope your honeymoon in Hawaii was wonderful!

Montecillo + Phillips Wedding

Over the weekend, I got the opportunity to photograph a friend's wedding. It was one of the most beautiful occasions I've been to. The amount of love that was there was absolutely wonderful. The location was perfect and the people were amazing to be around. I got to meet new people and hang out with friends.

I arrived on Friday to the most unbelievable houses you could imagine. The estate that they got married in had like...15 rooms, pool, elevator, movie theater, and anything else you could imagine. The house I stayed in with my hoodlum friends was all about the beach. It had a wraparound deck on the second floor, amazing decor, rocking chairs to relax in, and the best part is we slept in bunk beds. It definitely brought me back. On Saturday, the day of the actual wedding, the weather was overcast and we thought it was going to rain. Luckily it didn't, and it gave me amazing lighting. The ceremony was beautiful, although I don't think I've seen more camera phones in my life. After the perfect ceremony, the reception (PARTAY) began...and I don't remember much after :P

Congratulations to Amanda and Lew on their marriage! Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Phillips!