That Time of Year Again

Graduation season is back! With finals coming up, now would be the perfect time to invest in some Redbull stock. I remember all-nighters with friends trying to memorize details of a painting that within 12 hours, completely forgot. Brittany fought through all the work, triumphed over tests, and has conquered those long days. Now she tastes sweet victory and has defeated grad school and will be receiving her masters degree next week! 

There was a little scare before we started our session seeing that UCF thought there was a shooter on campus. After all the commotion and the realization that it was a false claim, we began our session at the reflection pond. Graduation gowns are weird looking to begin with but then for the masters, they add in this oddly shaped hood that no one knows how to wear. A few days before, we took to the internet and Youtubed how to work this contraption. Now with our new found knowledge, we put on the hood correctly and started shooting. Brittany slew her session. It's like she knew what she was doing. After the Reflection Pond, we headed over to the Student Union and the bridge behind it. The lighting was perfect at the bridge and I was able to get some magnificent shots. When we arrived at the stadium with the huge pegasus in front, there was some slight complications. Time was against us as the sun was setting and she had no idea how to get onto the statue. But alas, she climbed up and made it look easy! Finished off the session with some Vogue poses in front of the stadium and we trekked back to the Reflection Pond where we were parked.

I've known Brittany for a long time now and it was good to catch up with her. We shared laughs, stories that proved she was full of luck, and got some amazing images. I can't wait to edit!

Congrats Brittany!