Kristen + Trip's Wedding

This week I've decided to shake things up in this blog (and actually write one). I was recently having a conversation with my girlfriend about the latest wedding I photographed. Here is some insight on how I am able to individualize each wedding.

Interview with my girlfriend:

Kacey: "What did you like best about shooting in Leu Gardens?"

Me: There's a certain feel you get when you walk in the gardens. It feels very zen and that helps you focus on the wedding and the beauty of the grounds. That and the fact that the weather was absolutely perfect and there was shade (a photographers best friend). 

K: "What made grooms party unique?"

Me: The comradery. Each one of them brought a certain dynamic to the group. You could tell that Trip had a history with these gentlemen. BFFs!

K: "What exciting moments did you share with the bridal party?"

Me: "After taking some time to get excellent ring shots, I walked back into the bridal party room and found them getting the perfect selfie."

K: "What was your favorite part about capturing the lovely couple's special day?"

Me: "That would be capturing who they are as one. After the ceremony and right before the reception is the perfect time to bring the bride and groom off to a secluded area for some beautiful pictures. They literally just got married, they can feel the love like that Lion King song, which makes the connection that much more powerful and you can see it in the photos.  


K: "What's great about working with other local photographers like Khimm?"

Me: The energy and enthusiasm throughout the event. We all love what we do so it's simple to keep up moral. Khimm is a talented photographer and it's fun bouncing ideas off of each other. Hi Khimm!

Thanks for the interview Kacey!