Keisha Leigh and Marc Zappia Wedding

Tats, Sarcasm, humor, and Elvis. This wedding couldn't have been any cooler. I got a chance to hang with the groomsmen a bit before the ceremony started, they were a trip. They all were laughing, joking around, and having a couple beers, just enjoying the day. I got some shots of them hanging out as well as their individual portraits then I headed inside to grab some details.

The venue was The Crystal Ballroom in Vernanda Park and the setting was beautiful. Floral table covers, lit candles, and perfectly arranged decorations made the place look fantastic. Silvana was the head of the operation and planned it to the T. Everything ran smoothly, with the exception of a few minor inconveniences that only the world would throw at you on your wedding day. Other than that, smooth sailing.

The ceremony was live! Elvis ( brought fun and dancing into the wedding world. Hands were in the air like they just didn't care, people were laughing, and obviously the camera phones were out capturing every moment. I even caught myself dancing a little bit but I'm mildly uncoordinated so don't tell anyone. 

After the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour and I used some of that time to get some photos of the bridal party and the family. Everyone got portraits with the bride and groom...and Elvis. Then they enjoyed the rest of the cocktail hour hanging out while the dining hall was getting ready. The parties came in dancing to the music of their choice and everyone sat down to listen to some speeches...eager to eat. 

Chicken parm was served in a buffet style for the hosts, their guests, and the amazing vendors. Yes, yes it was delicious. I enjoyed my dinner (#feedyourphotogrpaher), and spent a little more time getting some dancing photos, some beautiful and some embarrassing. We all know the embarrassing ones are the best. The cake was layered and looked really good, two birds holding wings on the top which I thought was really creative and unique. Marc and Keisha had a little trouble cutting into the cake but together, with the force of love, finally got a piece out.

My time was coming to an end so I took a bunch of shots of the bride and groom dancing, the children, and the guests. It was one of the coolest weddings I've been able to photograph and I hope there are more weddings this unique in my future. 

Congratulations Marc and Keisha!