Jessica + Arik Couple's session


I was talking to a friend and realized I didn't have very many couples/engagement sessions to show to potential brides. This had to be corrected as soon as possible and she directed me to Jessica and Arik. How adorbs are they!? We spoke about a meeting place and a good time and decided to head to Dickson Azalea Park, which is freaking stunning. The sun was bright as all hell but the shade in the park made it perfect. We dodged sunspots and got some great shots in. 

Before we even met up last Sunday, I had to direct the couple to the park because the GPS brought them to a random house. This happened to me too the first time I visited. It was for the Bohemian group photo shoot hosted by the great Silvafilm Photography. Ok...ADD. Sorry, back to the post.

They arrived and we began. We made our way through the park, laughing, posing, and enjoying the day. I loved the fact that when we got to a part of the park that was semi blocked off...the last photo happened. They were real troopers and decided to go along with some of my shenanigans. These two are such a great fit and I'm glad I was able to capture that. Thanks Jess and Arik for letting me get these moments.

Arik says he's an awkward individual but I think that's what makes him endearing and why Jessica loves him so much...which totally shows in the photos.