Brandi + Kevin's Wedding

Now, these are some of the coolest people I've ever met. I've known Kevin since Middle School because we were both piano majors at Middle School of the Arts. His mother substituted for our piano teacher a couple of times and I remember her giving a referral out to one of my friends, Peter Daniell, and I have always been grateful for that...don't worry, he deserved it :P 

Kevin and Brandi's wedding was at the beautiful Mayacoo Country Club in West Palm Beach. I went there with my second shooter Priscilla to set up early and scope the area. There was an amazing golf course and I saw so much potential in it for portrait and group photos. 

The day began with setting up some strobes for later use during the reception. We then moved into where the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready to capture those moments. It's always fun when your clients are just enjoying the day. Stress is bound to happen but when they are living in the moment, it makes the photos pretty wonderful. In the sky, you could see a storm rolling in, but it was to last only about 15-20 minutes...well.. because Florida. 

I had specific instructions to give Brandi a gift that I ordered for her from Kevin. The gift was SUPPOSED to be a surprise -_- Nonetheless, she absolutely loved it.

The day continued on as planned with everyone getting ready for the ceremony. The ladies got all dolled up and beautiful as the fellas suited up.

The ceremony was so on point! Everything from the ring bearer to the flower girl to the officiant. The officiant did an amazing rendition from The Princess Bride. Brandi and Kevin are meant to be. The energy that they bring together is strong enough to make anyone smile, and maybe run away because Kevin is the Hulk. All in all, I love them and can't wait to visit them in Colorado :)

^^^^ Look how cute!!! ^^^^^

^^^^ Look how cute!!! ^^^^^