15 Years Strong

Now, you have to understand that NJ Coolness is the man and that his wife is equally as awesome. The place: Orlando Eye. The time: 7PM. The date: January 2nd or better known as the 15th anniversary of NJ and Sonia. 

Toasting to 15 years!


When I arrived, they were in front of the information center right outside of the entrance to the big...really big, ferris wheel.  The place was lit decently with some nice spots to set up at for portrait work. The lovely couple was decked out in all silver. That includes a cape, lipstick, high heels, epic dress shoes, and more. I could only wish my closet looked half as cool. 

The experience of the Orlando Eye was top notch. They have a great staff (Hi John!), a clean facility, and a bar...what more could you ask for? I obviously didn't drink because I was working. NJ and Sonia were served champagne and I snagged a couple more shots. We were able to get our own private car to ride it to the top, which mind you is 400 feet in the air. I'm only a little afraid of heights, but we all made it and the night went really well. 

Happy 15th anniversary NJ and Sonia! I hope you have fun on your vacation!